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We are a diverse team of free-thinkers, creative souls, and savvy business-minded people that value relationships with purpose. We gain, share, and shift perspectives.

We create stories with substance and work to connect with the people behind the brand. It's those connections that matter to us and we have the talent, commitment, and experience to bring them to life through video that engages viewers and defines brands.


Luke Fortin


Luke lives for a good story, whether it’s making new ones for himself or listening to yours. He found his calling 8 years ago when he founded Farmore. Originally from Maine, Luke found his home here in Tampa, FL. He’s had the pleasure of partnering with local businesses and fortune 500 companies. No matter the client he is humbled by the opportunity to share their story with the world and create lasting partnerships and often friendships. 


Lance Cashwell

Creative Director

Lance is an accomplished creative with more than 12 years of experience in video production. He has successfully led teams of various sizes throughout his career, working in diverse industries, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to venture-funded start-ups. After recently selling his former production company Revelry, Lance joined Farmore to serve as Creative Director to help creatively lead and expand the company's production capabilities. Lance values people and believes in fostering a collaborative work environment where the best ideas shine through.


Andres Aquino

Director of Photography

Coming from a Civil Engineering background, Andres found his real passion and a sense of purpose behind a camera. By using both sides of his brain, he can adapt and react to any needs, whether creative or technical. Communicating and delivering a captivating story is his goal. He understands that the story connects people and is the driving force behind any production. He loves being in a collaborative and dynamic environment working in tandem with others.


Christina Amalfitano

Project Coordinator

Hailing from Michigan with a degree in Visual Communications, Christina made her way to Florida as a Photopass Photographer for the Walt Disney corporation. She's carried her digital design and photography expertise to the Farmore company for the past three years believing the most valued approach in any project is attention to detail... and coffee.


Vanessa Cunto


Vanessa has professional experience in commercial advertising and an educational background in studio art. Her specialty is in food media, from producing direct response commercials for kitchen and bakeware to organic content for Buzzfeed's Tasty. She loves to be on set and believes that the collaborative process creates the best results.


Thiago Goncalves

Production Assistant

Thiago loves to work on anything video-related and is a student of the game. He has experience ranging from construction to working as a customer service rep. He loves Fantasy Football and is most likely in first place in our league and hopes to win each year. Still, it wasn't until video production came into the picture where he found his passion for what he wanted to set his roots down into as a career. 


Matt Jones

Video Editor

Matt prevails at the intersection of art and science using technical strategies to achieve creative visions. With a degree from Georgia State University in Film & Video Production, Matt has been creating videos and animations for seventeen years. A natural problem solver, Matt regularly achieves solutions using computer effects and technology bringing creative ideas to life.


Francine Harmon

Video Editor Assistant

Francine is a full-time student at USF and on track to obtain a degree in Advertising and Design in Spring 2022. In addition, she works at Farmore aiding in social media content creation, production assistance, and video editing. Working in DaVinci and Adobe programs, her goal is to expand her skillset.



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